Patricia R. 

To say that you completely removed my anxiety about the long distance sale of our assets would be an understatement. Not only was your team able to come in at the last minute, but you did a remarkable job. The buyers for the home were surprised to see how you left the home cleared and vacuumed just days after the sale - which eased my worries about their walk through. If you ever, ever need a recommendation, you can certainly depend on me for a favorable one. (2019)

Hazel C.

*Note she sent to agents at Alain Pinel Realtors - Shared with us.

We needed to clear all the contents of the Moffitt Mansion last weekend, and we found a company that did a terrific job in the worst weather possible! Lisa Taylor CEO of Cal Estate has over 30 years experience in the field, her marketing brought out droves of people and she and her efficient team made it all happen.
She is a graduate personal property appraiser, Certified Estate Specialist, CAI Auctioneer, and Benefit Auctioneer. The sale took place Sunday and Monday, and then anything left (and this home was 7.000 sq ft) with cupboards and stuff galore was cleared out! We weren't sure how she was going to make it happen, but when we came to do a walk through with the buyers Wednesday, it was spic and span and empty. So Kudos to Lisa and her professional team! (2019)

Betsey T.

Good Morning Lisa! I Hope you slept well and are energized! You and your daughter did such a wonderful job on our small sale in San Francisco. Thank you so much for sharing the heart-warming stories from our aunts home. As I think about all the wonderful stories you have shared that unfolded yesterday, they were all meant to be, and with the remaining furniture and other items, more stories will be made. Have you written your book yet? Estate Sale Stories...The Real Value. It would be a fascinating and warm story when written by you! So thoughtful and kind of you to share these stories with me, even on a Sunday morning! It is a great way for me to start my day! Thank you again! Have a most delightful day! (2018)

Dave K.

Lisa, you and your team exceeded our expectations! Not only did you sell 95% of the household goods, you managed to make more than we had anticipated. You made our downsizing and moving on so much easier. And not only the sale, you added the option of placing other items, and a few that didn’t sell, into your online auction – so we stand to make even more! We are thankful. (2018)

Susan C.

“I got a call from a lawyer, telling me my aunt passed away and left me everything. I live in New York City and didn’t even know her, but she had no one else. I met with Lisa, we agreed on terms, I gave her the keys and flew home. The house was packed to the gills; most of it looked like junk to me. Lisa and her team saw more. A few weeks later, I received a check for $30,000 and was in total shock. What a wonderful gift from my aunt. Thanks Lisa!” (2017)

Trisha P.

“I called Lisa and her team because of a storage unit I have had for years and was simply tired of paying rent for…I came to realize after years of having all of those items my mom and grandma left me, plus a load of designer clothes and handbags I would never was just time. I made the call, and am so glad I did! No more storage rent and a great result!” (2015)

Rachel S.

“Our mother had passed away and items were located in her condo and storage unit. We had nowhere to have a sale. Lisa and her team made it all happen in 3 days. The truck went to the condo and then to storage, picked everything up and moved it to her sale facility in Seattle. It was a huge load off of our minds at a time when we had so many other things to consider. We just wished she had a Real Estate license at the time too! The proceeds check was much larger than we had ever anticipated because of the research time they took to go over every little thing. The experience could not have been any better!”

Jill S. Realtor

“I went to a sale and met Lisa and crew, and saved their card. Since I sell Real Estate, I figured this service could be a benefit to my clients. I have referred Lisa to other Realtors & clients with stellar feedback. I have seen Lisa & crew at my listings and they are hard-working energetic people that do an amazing job – Thank you!”



This is the short list!

If you wish to be one of our satisfied clients, please give us a call. Our initial consultations are always complimentary.



Complimentary Fundraising & Estate Consultations 510.610.4461

"Lisa, you did an outstanding job, everyone has been saying that this was our best Gala ever (81 years) and I attribute part of that to your addition to our team, thank you". - Connie H. Event Chair, Carmel Bach Festival. (2018)

"What a fantastic night last night! A lot of the credit goes to you, Lisa! I heard many people talking about how excellent the auctioneer was - how you were clear, didn't rush, were funny! Great work! We are still working on the numbers, but rumor has it we easily broke every record, thank you!" - Natasha D. , Event Co-Chair (2018)

​"Lisa, you did such a great job! I was blown away by your presence and ability to excite the crowd. I had many people come up to me and tell me how fantastic you were. Great work and thank you so much for being a part of our event." - Jane G. Event Chair, Joaquin Miller (2018)

"We benefited greatly this year from the advice we received from our auctioneer, Lisa Taylor. With just a few suggestions, we easily raised an additional $5,000 on simple things we had not even considered. We had record hitting live auction prices on items we have had in the past that never brought in as much, and adding some very important components that really brought home the reason we are doing our fundraisers in the first place? All excellent, so great!!" - Linda Shelby (2018)

"Lisa Taylor is awesome! She helped us put on our first gala, and we raised more than three times as much money as we had at our past annual events. She makes the whole process fun and achievable. We got a lot of excellent positive feedback from our guests regarding the paddle raise and live auction. We are so grateful for her support we just keep hiring her year after year!". - Carie B. Executive Director, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (2016 - 2018)

"Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for everything you did to make our Animal Friends Gala a success. You made such a difference in so many ways! Your energy & compassion for the cause brought out the best in our supporters. Thank you for helping us to raise more than ever before for our animals. You are now our 'go to' consultant and auctioneer! What a blessing you are!" - The board & staff of AFRP (2016 - 2018)​

"Lisa is our 'go to' consultant and auctioneer for 3 years running now. She understands our mission, our audience and how important it is for us to keep our event as it's been for decades now. She is fun, engaging, smart, organized and, almost more important, she is reliable and a fantastic communicator. We love her and will just keep hiring her as long as she's here!" - Executive Director, Kelly M. Legal Services for Seniors. (2016 - 2018)

"Lisa did an amazing job as our auctioneer for our Gala! She was extremely knowledgeable about best practices and really helped us throughout the entire planning process. She was also great about quickly answering emails and phone calls with thoughtful responses. Most importantly, Lisa helped us raise three times the amount we raised last year during our live auction and helped meet our raise-a-paddle and silent auction goals, too! Thank you, Lisa!"​ - Nadine D. Director of Resource Development​, Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley (2017)

​"Thank you so much for running the auction at the History Center in San Luis Obispo. I'm thrilled to report that we more than met our fundraising goal for the evening. Your talent and advice will allow us to care for the History Center's collections throughout the coming year. The funds we raised at this year's gala will pay for rent, utilities, and archival supplies. Thanks also for your patience with our disorganization - we have to work with you again!" - Eva Ulz Curator & Director (2016)

“Lisa Taylor helped us raise a record $102,000 at our 21st Annual Ciao! Cioppino! Dinner & Auction.” - Philip G. - Development Director (2016)